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COVID-19 Response in Artsakh: Supporting the Army, Healthcare, Education, and Agriculture
Artsakh Projects 2020: Ongoing Updates
Covid Campaign Successful: Food Parcels Delivered to All Beneficiaries.
Trustees: Raffi's Interview with Dr. Carolann Najarian
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COVID-19 Response in Artsakh: Supporting the Army, Healthcare, Education, and Agriculture

Since the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation has sought all possible ways to assist the residents of Kashatagh, as well as the armed forces of Artsakh. Within the scope of our emergency response, we have managed to identify the most vital spheres where support could make a difference. During a three-month-long initiative that is ongoing, the Foundation has provided disinfection equipment to the military, medical supplies to Berdzor Hospital, more than 60 tons of fertilizers for the farmers in Kashatagh and computer tablets for the schoolchildren who did not have proper equipment for online studies. We are currently in contact with the Artsakh government, and our Emergency Response program is still live. If you would like to join our efforts to stabilize the Artsakh situation, feel free to donate by clicking the button below.

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The distribution of fertilizers in Kashatagh

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Tablets for the students in Kashatagh

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Supplies for Berdzor Hospital

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The park in Kovsakan

Artsakh Projects 2020: Ongoing Updates

As we adjust to the realities of COVID-19, the Foundation has managed to keep the majority of our projects on track while following all safety measures and guidelines. The year kicked off with the launch of our second experimental orchard in Van village, where we have planted pistachios, persimmons, and other plants and trees that are new to Artsakh. This orchard will create a unique chance for the locals to innovate and use the full agricultural potential of Kashatagh.
Our second major project is the public park of Kovsakan town. After weeks of construction and landscaping, the park is nearly ready to open, and will be a one-of-a-kind facility in southern Kashatagh. It is a beautiful green area located in the center of town, and has been established upon the residents' request as there was no place for them to walk, organize community gatherings, or rest outside. We are also planning to plant more trees during the upcoming months, thereby improving the air quality and making Kovsakan a greener place.
Education is another vital field in the process of resettlement. Earlier in 2019, within the scope of the Moshatagh Cluster Program we successfully completed renovations of a large school in the community of Tandzut. After analyzing the major impact of this project in the north, the Foundation shifted focus to the southern wing of Kashatagh, developing the new Mijnavan Cluster Program. One highlight of this year’s program is the renovation of the school in Van, which is currently in progress. By September, the schoolchildren will have a chance to enjoy a new school with plenty of space and modern facilities.

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Van school under renovation

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One of the beneficiary families

Covid Campaign Successful: Food Parcels Delivered to All Beneficiaries.

In March, as Armenia entered a state of emergency, the Family and Community NGO initiated a much-needed project to help vulnerable families in 5 Armenian towns. Within several days, the whole team of the NGO was mobilized to deliver food parcels with priority items such as flour, oil, and dairy products. After raising more than $11.000 via GoFundMe, the Foundation joined the movement, and we have delivered more than 500 parcels to beneficiary families. Luckily, today the majority of the parents from those families are working again, which helps to secure stable livelihoods.

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A batch of the parcels ready for delivery

Trustees: Raffi's Interview with Carolann Najarian


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