Mobile Clinic

16 November 2017

Kashatagh is a sprawling, war-ravaged territory: Villages are often found in remote areas with unpaved roads, leaving inhabitants hours away from even basic medical help. Everyday ailments often go untreated; serious illnesses go undiagnosed. Until recently, the region’s medical centers lacked staff, medicine and diagnostic materials to provide adequate health care to most residents.

To address this situation, in 2008 the Foundation developed a mobile clinic project for the Kashatagh area. Working together with the NKR Ministry of Health, we utilized a mobile van the Ministry had received from the US, equipped with EKG, ultrasound and a biochemical laboratory. For two years, the van circulated throughout the region each month, bringing with it medical specialists from Stepanakert.

At the time, this effort was of great help to the population since diagnostic and advanced treatment facilities were nonexistent in this area. Subsequently, the need for mobile clinics decreased with the construction of new clinics in outlying villages plus the renovation of Kashatagh’s regional hospital in Berdzor. We thus decided to discontinue the project in 2010.

The mobile clinic initiative was co-funded by the UK-based St.Sarkis Charity.

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