Vem Radio


To promote Armenian classical and spiritual music, the Foundation co-sponsored the launch of a new radio station – Vem Radio. This was done in conjunction with Vem, an organization dedicated to publishing materials on the spiritual and cultural life of Armenia.

In ensuing years, funds provided by the Foundation enabled Vem Radio to buy a recording studio and equipment. The station has since hired and trained a permanent staff, and has developed a huge library of recorded music. The official opening of the station took place in April 2002 at the Yerevan Chamber Music Hall, with the participation of prominent Armenian cultural and intellectual figures. Vem gained popularity with Armenian citizens immediately because it brought new quality standards to the radio market, filling the void created by today’s mostly pop-music radio culture.

Within several years, Vem Radio developed its own funding sources and attained self-sufficiency. It continues to operate today, with a loyal following, and stands as a prime example of Foundation projects that ‘spin off’ and develop a life and identity of their own.