Msheni Clinic

In 2009, during a field visit to northern Kashatagh, we stopped in the village of Msheni. There we found the village mayor at work, trying to renovate an old abandoned dwelling. He mentioned to us that Msheni has a very good nurse and that part of this building could be transformed into a clinic.

Msheni is two hours away from the Berdzor hospital, found along dirt roads that are often closed in winter due to snow. It sits along the northern branch of a ravine that splits Kashatagh into three regions. There is no other medical facility along this branch. A clinic in Msheni would serve a population of at least 250 people from surrounding villages.

Project details
With financing from Australia’s All-Armenia Fund, the Foundation renovated the building, turning it into a clinic. We are grateful also to the Knights of Vartan (USA), which together with the International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) provided a container of medical supplies and furniture whichwe allocated to this clinic, as well as to all other medical establishments in Kashatagh.

The Msheni clinic is now furnished and in use.

Clinic before renovation Clinic after renovation
Clinic before renovation Clinic after renovation
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