House Renovation


“Karabagh exists as long as Kashatagh exists.” These words, once declared by NKR President Bako Sahakian,explain the vital importance and necessity of this region, which connects Karabakh to Armenia and is strategically vital.

After 70 years of Azerbaijani rule, this historic Armenian province was liberated during the Karabagh war. Unfortunately, the Armenians found the region entirely ruined and abandoned. The process of resettlement, development and reconstruction is going on till now. Many resettlers still live in bombed-out ruins lightly adapted for living.

To address this problem, the Foundation began a pilot project in 2008: Renovating existing houses, turning them from ruins into houses worthy of dignified living. Since that time the Foundation has renovated a great number of houses in different villages of the region, such as Getap, Urekan, Ishkhanadzor, Hak, Hochants, and more.

More recently, we have extended our efforts to Syrian-Armenians resettlers, most of whom fled the recent conflict in Syria. Within this project, the Foundation has renovated two-apartment and ten-apartment buildings and a house in Ishkhanadzor village, a twelve-apartment building in Kovsakan town, and a house in Aghavnatun village.

As House Renovation is a permanent and ongoing project, the Foundation is going to continue it in 2016, too. In spring, we will start renovating two houses in Ishkhanadzor village. These houses will provide for two families — one Syrian-Armenian and the other Lebanese-Armenian. This renovations will be realized in collaboration with partner foundations.


kovsakan house.jpg

hrach arakel's house.jpg

Renovated residental buildilng for 12 families, Kovsakan, 2014 Renovated house in Ishkanadzor village for Syrian-Armenian Hrach Arakel, 2015
Herik Village's house.jpg renovated house for iraqian armenain family.jpg
Renovated house for Khosrovyans’ family in Herik village, Kashatagh, 2014 Renovated house in Aghavnatun village for Iraqian-Armenian family, 2014
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