Ararat Center For Strategic Research


Policy Center-1.jpgIn 2006, the Foundation provided seed-funding to establish the Ararat Center for Strategic Research. Initiated by political scientist Armen Aivazyan, the center was designed to address the prevailing lack of research, analysis, and rigorous debate concerning Armenian national security and strategy.  Through its research, publications, and lectures, the Ararat Center promoted fluent and reasoned public analyses, while nurturing developing schools of Armenian political thought.

Policy Center-2.jpgDuring 2006-2008, the Ararat Center engaged in a vigorous program of research, education, and outreach.  Aside from analyzing Armenia’s major strategic and security issues and publishing its findings, the Center conducted seminars and courses for select university students. It also promoted public debate involving aspiring journalists, elected officials, and opinionmakers who seek to understand the pressing issues of today.  The Center also exposed young political scientists to international political thought in parallel to Armenian national interest policy.

The Foundation concluded its support for the Center in 2008, moving on to other foci emphasizing civil society development.

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