Children’s Creative Arts Center in Javakhk


Modeled after the successful Manana Youth Center, the “Ani” Children’s Creative Arts Center serves Armenian youth in southern Georgia’s Javakhk region.

This region has been deliberately underdeveloped by local authorities, and so its population has become highly vulnerable, cut off from the fruits of modern living. The Ani Center trains the region’s youth in photography, journalism, and graphic/web design.  With help from Manana in Yerevan, the center uses these classes not just to develop children’s skills, but to boost their morale and social consciousness as well.

Youth who attend the Ani Center classes have all shown potential to excel in their fields; the center is an encouraging environment for them and provides the comprehensive education they need to become responsible, independently thinking, socially active citizens. By equipping these youth for active and influential lives, the Ani Center ensures that the region will have talent that can hold its own in the global, information-oriented market for a generation to come.

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