Zangakatun Marshals Municipalities in Cooperative Social Work


Karine Grigoryan (left), director of Zangakatun, meets with municipal officials at Zangakatun's Yerevan centerFor nearly a decade, the staff and social workers of Zangakatun Social Services NGO—a Tufenkian Foundation initiative—have followed a unique model in serving Armenia’s most vulnerable families.  Earlier this month, they shared their insights, experience and methods with local municipalities in Armenia’s three largest cities: Yerevan, Vanadzor and Medzamor.

In Yerevan, Zangakatun’s Social Services director met with officials from various municipal agencies, including the Children’s Rights Department, the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Social Security, to provide more detailed background on the day-to-day struggles of Armenia’s most marginalized, as well as the overarching problems they face.

Following the individual meetings, officials gathered at Zangakatun’s Yerevan center to discuss ways they can cooperate to more effectively meet these needs.  In the process, they also generated concrete solutions to problems facing several families already working with Zangakatun.

The Tufenkian Foundation founded the Zangakatun Social Services program in 2001 to establish a new and more effective model for helping Armenia’s most vulnerable break their cycles of poverty and neglect and instead build productive and fulfilling lives.  We are proud of Zangakatun’s impact on the way the government addresses these issues, and encourage you to consider making a donation to support this work today.

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