Volunteers at Tufenkian Foundation


For the past six months, the Foundation has benefited from the work of volunteers — both from Armenia and from abroad. Various organizations such as the Armenian Volunteer Corp (AVC), Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), and European Volunteer Service (EVS), as well as individuals, have assisted mainly with the ‘Zangakatun’ Social Services program.

Elina Sarkisian from Toronto, Canada volunteered at the Zangakatun center in Shengavit, Yerevan, teaching English to children and discussing social and psychological issues with staff.

Arpa Vartanian from Washington, DC taught children English, math and physical activities.

An Lambert from Belgium is now organizing an Environmental Youth Club, while Kristine Trautmane works with the theater and design group, both at Vanadzor center.

Max Meketarian, a social worker from Minneapolis, is a frequent collaborator, offering valuable professional advice to Zangakatun staff and taking the children on excursions.

From within Armenia, Ana Zakarian from Vanadzor has been a consistent volunteer at her local Zangakatun center, teaching English.

In Karabagh, we were touched by the activism and dedication of Salbee Beshirian from London, England. For her 16th birthday, in lieu of gifts she collected money and prepared school bags filled with school supplies for the children of Getap village in Kashatagh.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all these young people for their dedication, social activism, and fantastic work. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please contact Zori Eurdekian at zeurdekian@tufenkian.com.

An Lambert Elina Sarkisian
An Lambert Elina Sarkisian
Salbee Beshirian Arpa Vartanian.jpg
Salbee Beshirian Arpa Vartanian
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