TF Donor-activists Visit Artsakh


In late August and early September, a group of donor-activists and internationally acclaimed writer Chris Bohjalian visited Artsakh. Virginia Davies, Fred Hayrapet, Alex Kennedy, Gary Hampar and Lysa Grigorian have assisted and continue to support many TF projects in different regions of Artsakh. All group members had expressed a desire to visit Artsakh – a desire which became more urgent following the Four-Day War in April.


TF supporters with soldiers in Artsakh

During the five-day visit, participants became better acquainted with Artsakh’s people, history, and geography; visited areas affected by the recent war; and identified urgent needs of various communities. They visited Kashatagh’s Hak village and participated in the christening of 39 children, and later met with Syrian-Armenian settlers in Ishkhanadzor. The group also visited the abandoned village of Talish and the frontlines in the Martakert region, as well as Arajamugh village in the Hadrut region. The visitors also met with the NKR President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Primate of the Diocese of Artsakh. On the last day of their trip, they participated in the celebrations of Artsakh’s 25th Independence Day.

You can find more details of the trip on our Facebook page.

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