New Kindergarten Opens In Moshatagh Village



Opening ceremony of Moshatagh village’s renovated kindergarten


Moshatagh is one of the largest villages in the Kashatagh region of Karabagh. While the village continues to grow, it also faces some problems; among the most essential has been the absence of a kindergarten. After reviewing the situation, the Tufenkian Foundation decided to renovate an unused floor of Moshatagh’s existing school and convert it into a kindergarten. In collaboration with One Armenia, the Foundation was able to raise the needed support to complete the project.


Once the renovation was complete, the Foundation appealed to the NKR government which provided the necessary furniture and supplies for the kindergarten. The official opening of the kindergarten was organized on April 11, 2014. You can see the album of the event here.

The first floor of the school foreseen for the kindergarten before renovation




Ceremony of opening of the renovated kindergarten



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