Medzamor Center Continues Advocacy For Children’s Rights


This past summer, the “Family and Community NGO” took part in two events aimed at improving children’s well-being in Armenia.


On June 19, the Children’s Protection Network invited specialists in the field for a roundtable discussion entitled “Strengthening Families and Children’s Protection: Challenges and Solutions”.  The event’s aim was to support systematic reforms in governmental and NGO activities pertaining to children’s rights.


During the discussion, “Family and Community” Executive Director Knarik Garanfilyan presented the NGO’s working model, which was of great interest for the audience.  In her presentation, Mrs. Garanfilyan suggested several practical steps for improving children’s protection and well-being, focusing on the increase in dysfunctional or severely impoverished families in Armenia, in which children often become neglected or delinquent.



Knarik Garanfilyan presenting the “Family and Community” NGO’s working model during the  roundtable discussion


On June 30, P.H. International held a conference entitled “Development of Cooperation,” addressing problems related to probation mechanisms and the penal code.  The “Family and Community” NGO presented its working model in this field, explaining ways that delinquent minors can be rehabilitated during their probation and then  successfully reintegrated in society as active citizens.  Conference attendees represented different NGOs as well as the RoA Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.



Presenting “Family and Community” NGO’s working model during the conference

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