International Journalists Visiting Artsakh After April War


Last week, Artsakh welcomed 15 journalists from different countries – including the UK, USA, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, and Italy. The visit was arranged by European Friends of Armenia, EuFoA, with logistical support from the Tufenkian Foundation.


The journalists stayed in Artsakh for three days. During that time, they visited the eastern front – including Martakert town and Talish and Mataghis villages – where they saw the areas affected by the war. They also visited nearby areas which are being cleared of mines by HALO Trust. (Actually this area was cleared after the first war, but after the recent bombardment, it was in need of cleaning once again).


The journalists also visited Stepanakert military hospital and talked to the wounded soldiers there. Later they visited Shushi, saw the sights there, and talked to the local residents. A small group also accompanied us for a walk through Shushi, during which they talked to passers-by and were even  invited for a cup of coffee by a woman who was a refugee from Baku, whose son serves on the front lines.


The journalists also took part in official meetings, particularly with PM Ara Harutyunyan, Head of National Assembly Ashot Ghulyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Karen Mirzoyan, and NKR Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan.


In front of Shushi museum.JPG Shushi tank memorial1.JPG

 Journalists taking an interview from Saro Saryan/Director of Shushi Museum

 Visiting Shushi’s tank memorial
photography in a dressing room2.JPG Interviewing wounded soldiers3.JPG
 Interviewing the wounded soldiers in the hospital  Interviewing the wounded soldiers in the hospital


Here is the full list of articles in the international media published after journalists’ visit.



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