“Arevik” Daycare Center: A Month After Its Launch


It been more than a month since the “Arevik” Daycare Center opened its doors in the city of Ijevan. Already, the center has drawn more than 50 children who are involved in its daily life.

The center’s curriculum consists of different activities such as painting and music, a batik club, as well as a knitting club (the latter recently launched by the Areen Book Club of Greater LA). The center also provides classes on “life skills” as well as “parenting” for vulnerable families. Over the course of summer holidays, the center staff has developed outdoor activities consisting of field trips to Ijevan’s Botanical Garden and other outdoor visits. Beneficiary children are not only from Ijevan but also from nearby rural areas.

arevik kentron.jpg

For more information about the center’s daily life, feel free to join the “Arevik” Center’s Facebook page.

Ijevan’s “Arevik” Daycare Center is a joint program between the Tufenkian Foundation, the Armenian Apostolic Church – Tavush Diocese, the “Family and Community” NGO, the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, the “Hay Dprots” Foundation, and World Vision Armenia.

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