Addressing the Status of Women in Armenia


This winter was an especially busy one for the Women’s Support Center (WSC) and its Director, Maro Matosian. In addition to her activities in Armenia, Matosian visited several communities in the US, delivering informative presentations on the status of women in Armenia and how WSC addresses their challenges. These visits – to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia – raised awareness and support among hundreds of Armenian-Americans, especially women.


The above visits took place in conjunction with the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) and especially the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA), a partner of the program since inception.


aiwa sf wsc.jpg

Participants at the AIWA/ARS joint event in San Francisco.


In her remarks, Matosian noted: “Societies that advance are those where women are educated, and offered equal opportunities. Today, with women forming the majority of Armenia’s population, we cannot afford to ignore their potential to advance our country. For this we must raise our voices and demand that women are treated with respect, while breaking away from stereotypes that demean and belittle them.” Matosian focused especially on domestic violence – a severe problem in Armenia – and how to combat it through changes in legislation, enforcement mechanisms, and popular attitudes.


Established in 2010, the WSC is a comprehensive domestic violence assistance and prevention program initiated by the Tufenkian Foundation, in partnership with USAID and the Armenian International Women’s Association.

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