Welcome to the Tufenkian Foundation

Welcome to the Tufenkian Foundation

New Drinking Water Network Was Officially Unveiled in Nerkin Sus Village



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    Karabagh authorities pariticpating in the official opening of Nerkin Sus village's new water system


In Karabagh's Kashatagh region, May 18 is a day of celebration, marking the liberation of Berdzor (Lachin) by Armenian forces in 1992. For Nerkin Sus village, the day was even happier, as Karabagh authorities officially unveiled the village's new water system. Situated near Berdzor, Nerkin Sus was one of many Kashatagh villages that do not have a steady supply of drinking water. Taking this into consideration, the Tufenkian Foundation initiated a joint project involving the Gulbenkian Foundation (UK) as well as the One Armenia organization. The main implementer was the Tufenkian Foundation, which installed and commissioned a drinking water network for all households of Nerkin Sus.

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