Mayor’s Office, Local Clinic, and a New House for Kashatagh’s Hak Community.

25 December 2019

The Tufenkian Foundation officially opened the mayor’s office and the clinic of the Hak community in northern Kashatagh region of Artsakh Republic. Besides the two important administrative and healthcare centers, a house built a short while ago in the same was given to a newly resettled family. This house warming in Hak was the last item on the list of the Foundation’s activities in 2019.
The lack of a mayor’s office and a clinic in the village had its negative impact on the development of the Hak community. From the administrative point of view, the office plays a strategic role, fulfilling at least the basic needs of the local self-government. The local clinic has its unique function, too, as the nearest equipped hospital is 50 km away. The clinic will provide health care services to more than 25 families, or more than 100 adults and children, who have moved here from different parts of Armenia and Artsakh.

“The roads are in poor condition, and whenever someone faces health issues, we have to drive to Berdzor, the administrative center of Kashatagh region. It is the only town nearby that has a good hospital. Now we can at least provide initial treatment, which is very important considering the long and difficult drive to Berdzor”,- said mayor of Hak, Vardges Bayatyan.
The house for the resettled family was built a few months ago, and the local government of Kashatagh offered it to an Armenian family who moved to Hak from Russia. Hasmik, the mother of two, has found a job in the village school, while Hayk, her husband, has decided to establish a farm, produce honey, and breed animals.
“The economic development of the liberated territories and provision of housing and services to the resettler families are our strategic objectives. In the past three years, among many other activities, we have given more than six houses, renovated or rebuilt two clinics, two schools, a kindergarten, a community center, two offices for mayors, and rebuilt water supply systems in four villages in northern Kashatagh. This house, the mayor’s office, and the clinic in Hak are a great and beautiful finale for the Foundation’s 2019 chapter of projects,” said the executive director of the Tufenkian Foundation, Raffi Doudaklian.
Founded in 1999 by entrepreneur James Tufenkian, the Tufenkian Foundation has worked in Artsakh for over 15 years. Its on-the-ground efforts feature the promotion of resettlement, infrastructure, healthcare, and other development programs.

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