Armenophobia in Azerbaijan: A Report on Organized Hate Speech and Animosity Towards Armenians

25 September 2018

After April 2016, when the escalation of violence by Azerbaijan along the Artsakh borders led to the Four Day War, the Armenophobic narrative prevalent in Azerbaijan became more apparent. To explore, analyze and document the rise and unprecedented level of anti-Armenian rhetoric in Azerbaijan, the Human Rights Defender’s Office of Artsakh initiated an in-depth study that was completed this September.

The two-year study, carried out with the support of the Tufenkian Foundation, exposes a worrying trend of extremist Armenophobia in all segments of Azerbaijani society and shows that extreme anti-Armenian rhetoric has become a normalized part of the mainstream discourse in Azerbaijan. The report also emphasizes the worrying lack of international attention and condemnation at this disturbing situation. 

To reveal the growing trend of Armenophobia, the report documents specific instances of hate speech and animosity against Armenians in remarks made by state officials and key public figures, as well as anti-Armenian content in educational materials used in primary and secondary schools. Through original citations and attributable quotes, the report reveals concrete cases of how anti-Armenian xenophobia and hatred is fueled at the highest level and how intentional efforts are taken to contribute to the increase of the divide between the two nations.

The report was presented to the public on September 25, during a press-conference held by Artsakh Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan and Tufenkian Foundation Executive Director Raffi Doudaklian. You can access the report here and watch the full press-conference here.


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