Talented Youth

18 November 2017

Many of Artsakh’s youth seek to leave the country for better opportunities, or simply stagnate for lack of access to resources that can help develop their skills.  From 2004-2008, the Foundation worked with Karabagh’s Ministry of Education to change this.

“Taghandavor Yeridasardner” (Talented Youth) identifies youth who show potential to make major contributions in the performing arts, the fine arts, and sports — providing them with the education and professional development they need to develop their skills.  In addition to fostering talent, the program aims to keep alive our national traditions and promote Armenian culture.

Begun in Stepanakert with 28 participants, the program steadily grew in size and geographic scope. By 2008, it served over 110 young talents from Stepanakert, Martuni, and Hadrut.  Students are admitted on a scholarship-only basis, and scholarships are awarded mainly according to talent (need is a second consideration).

The program is supervised by accomplished athletes and artists—including musicians, conductors, painters, and filmmakers—along with education specialists. Supplemental instructors from Armenia offer advanced classes.

At the end of each year, the program features concerts, exhibitions, and award presentations that showcase the students, giving them a chance  to share their year’s work with friends, family, and the wider community.  Many students have received medals and awards at various national and international competitions. There have even been child prodigies, such as singer RazmikAmyan, who have gone on to successful international careers as performing artists.

After more than four years of collaboration, the Foundation felt the program was on firm footing, and in 2008 ceded its responsibilities back to the Education Ministry.

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