Shogh Educational Daycare Center in Shushi

18 November 2017

The Educational Daycare Center in Shushi aims to support children with educational challenges who grow in socially vulnerable families. The project’s main objective is to help children overcome educational difficulties, prevent antisocial behavior and develop skills that will promote their integration into society. Our ultimate goal is to help these young people become mature, healthy and educated citizens.At the outset, the center serves 25 school-age children (6-9 years old) but now the center has already had 30 children, who are provided with social, educational, psychological, and recreational/enrichment services.  These services are provided by educators, social workers and psychologists.

The Center provides a range of service:

• Education and training (elementary school subjects, English and Russian language classes)

• Social work (group and individual social work)

• Psychological (psycho-therapeutic group and individual work)

• Hot meals

• Recreational services (summer camps, excursions, cultural events, etc.)

The center is operating in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA, NKR, and the local self-government bodies. The center also provides an opportunity for children to stay safe during parents’ working hours, preventing children’s involvement in unwanted groups, and all the risks that may be associated with the street accidents or violence against children by strangers.The existence of this center also creates a cultural and educational environment and has a positive impact on the community.

The project was implemented in collaboration with the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) since the beginning of January 2016.



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