Internet Centers

18 September 2017

In 2006, the Foundation initiated a mobile computer-instruction unit in Kashatagh. This program, which continued into 2007, was well-received by the local population, who learned basic computer skills and were instilled with hope.

Set up in the schools of Ishkanadzor and Mijnavan, these modern internet centers enabledlocal youth to access news and information from around the world. While this may seem insignificant to those reading this, these mobile units were actually the first exposure many children had to the world beyond their village.

During after-school hours, adults and children from the villages used the internet centers, free of charge. Thisproved to be not just a morale boost, but an opportunity for these children (and their parents) to become inspired, to challenge their ambitions, and to grow in their understanding of their world.

As a continuation of this program, we later partnered with Karabagh Telecom to install Kashatagh’s first internet connections. Since that time, some of the larger villages have received government support to establish their own computer instruction units. While much remains to be done, we believe our work created a spark that has since spread among the population.

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