Hochants School

01 November 2017

Located in a strategically vital area, Hochants village has a deep history stretching back centuries. Unfortunately, since its resettlement in 1995 it has remained underdeveloped: Villagers have endured mostly backward conditions, especially regarding infrastructure. For example, the village schoolhouse had been dilapidated and its decaying cement floors were causing health problems for the students. In 2009, the village’s parents came together to ask the Foundation to renovate their school.

The Foundation turned to a long-time friend, Ms. Virginia Davies of New York, for partnership support. Continuing her own dedication to rebuilding Kashatagh, Ms. Davies of New York funded the school’s renovation, which resulted in a complete transformation: The school’s cement floors were replaced with hardboards, classrooms were repainted, hallway floors were tiled, dilapidated doors and windows were replaced.  The Karabagh government has provided new furniture for all the classrooms and the Foundation has donated a computer and books to the library. Ms. Davies also provided generously for school supplies (pens and paper, educational materials and art supplies) for the school in Hochants as well as for nearbyMirig village.

Inspired by this transformation, the students of Hochants School, along with the new school director, have planted a garden of trees and flowers in the schoolyard and placed the remnants of an old khachkar found in their village within it. The school in Hochants was recently named after Alvart Vartanian, a female freedom fighter who died near the village during the Artsakh liberation war.

The Foundation also hopes to renovate a 17th century Armenian church located near Hochants, thus furthering the cultural development of the area.

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