Health Care in Kashatagh

18 November 2017

Throughout Kashatagh, medical care is scarce, of uneven quality, and often inaccessible due to poor roads and transportation. Until recently, village-based facilities were practically nonexistent, while the regional hospital in Berdzor was underequipped and overburdened until its overhaul in 2012.

The lack of accessible care has made life in the hinterlands extremely perilous: Emergencies such as snakebites, sudden illnesses, and even childbirths have often resulted in casualties.  To address these concerns, the Foundation developed several ongoing initiatives to provide more comprehensive health care for resettlers. These include the following:

Construction of clinics

In 2005, the Foundation built and equipped a primary clinic in Ishkhanadzor. The clinic serves 16 villages in the central valley of southern Kashatagh, and has already received thousands of patients in its first 11 years of operation. At present, we are engaged in various renovation works designed to maintain the building well into the future.

The Clinic of Ishkhanadzor


Since 2005, the Foundation has built and equipped other, smaller clinics – notably those in Msheni and Aghavnatun – found in remote areas. We also plan to build a clinic in Yeritsvank village in the near future.

Mobile Clinic

Given Southern Kashatagh’s sprawling, underdeveloped geography, we introduced a supplementary mobile clinic to serve an additional villages found far from Ishkhanadzor and Berdzor.  The service operated from 2008-2010, reaching 2,000 people, including 597 children. Following the renovation of the regional hospital in Berdzor, we discontinued the mobile clinic program in 2011. Details appear under a separate heading on this website.

Dental Care

In 2008, the Foundation worked with the Canadian NGO “Hand-in-Hand”to  open a dental facility  within the Ishkhanadzor clinic.  This facility bolsters the quality of life in Ishkanadzor by addressing widespread problems in the area through corrective treatment and stressing preventive dental care.

Neo/Post-Natal Care

In addition to the above services, the Foundation has sponsored workshops in neo/post-natal care, conducted by the UK-based nonprofit, Birthlink. Workshops have drawn more than 27 nurses and midwives from throughout Kashatagh, offering them up-to-date methods, supplies, and approaches in combating infant sickness and mortality in the hinterlands. As a result of these trainings, complications during pregnancy and at birth have decreased considerably.

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