Sponsorship Opportunities

For those interested in making a specific, defined contribution to our work, we would like to offer these helpful examples.  Contributions can be made by mailing a check to:

The Tufenkian Foundation
20 Capitol Drive
Moonachie, NJ 07074


$100 Provides one family in extreme poverty with two months of heat and electricity
$300 Secures higher education preparatory classes for one child of a fallen or disabled soldier
$500 Provides an impoverished family with urgent medical care
$1,500 Enables the Manana Youth Center to produce one animation or documentary film
$2,000 Provides five poor families with the services of one social worker for one year
$3,000 Renovates one shack, turning it into a habitable home
$25,000 Supports one Zangakatun Center for one year, in cooperation with the Foundation


$200 Provides sports equipment for one village school
$300 Provides a higher education scholarship for one talented youth
$1,000 Enables a medical clinic in Kashatagh (Lachin) to purchase antidotes for deadly, common snake bites
$2,500 Covers the annual organization of cultural events for the Shushi Museum
$3,000 Repairs one villager’s home in Kashatagh (Lachin)
$4,000 Covers the printing and distribution of informational medical pamphlets that will aid doctors and nurses
$5,000 Rehabilitates one war-torn building for use as a village clinic
$35,000 Builds one house and associated facilities, allowing one family to resettle in Arajamugh Village

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