Vanadzor Center for Children-at-Risk


During the early 2000s, the Foundation supported this center which assisted children who don’t attend school because of disability. The center’s main goals were to develop these children’s abilities and skills, while helping to integrate them into the larger society.

Approximately 30 children attended the center between 2002-2004. Of these, roughly half had mental and physical disabilities, while the rest had behavioral disorders.

Not surprisingly, most of the children came from disadvantaged families and had been left without any care for a long time. Most did not attend school, and rarely appeared in public places.

Children in the program attended group and individual classes. The approach to each child was specific to his/her mental abilities. Children were taught with special methodologies to read, write, distinguish colors and paint. Children were also fed at the center.

The center’s social workers also organized seminars devoted to family therapy for the children’s families.[ top ]