Pomegranate Cultivation



The liberated territories of Artsakh possess abundant, fertile land, ideal for cultivation of fruits and grains. The village of Arajamugh, built by the Foundation beginning in 2004, is found in one such area. Located in the southern part of NKR’s Hadrut region, Arajamugh currently has 88 inhabitants, who live in decent, newly built houses. Water, sewage and electricity were brought to the village; a school was built jointly with the Armenian Educational Foundation in 2007, and a community center and mayor’s office were added in 2008. The renovation of all house- and school-facades were realized in 2015.


At the same time, we have initiated a project to create economic sustainability for the settlers in the village. Through the generous contributions of Mr. Fred Hayrapet, five hectares of land have been devoted to pomegranate cultivation, managed by the Foundation. The orchard was expanded with 2 more hectares in 2016. The pomegranate cultivation offers employment opportunities to several villagers on a long-term basis, and can serve as a future economic base for the village

Developing a pomegranate orchard is usually a long-range project. To reach the first full harvest, it is necessary to cultivate the orchard for 5-6 years. After a difficult 2015 and 2016 due to hot weather and heavy hailstorms, we managed to save the orchard and are expecting to gather our first full harvest this year.

Mr. Hayrapet and the Tufenkian Foundation eagerly look forward to the success of this pilot project.

The Foundation also supervises a second pomegranate orchard covering 7 ha. This orchard was founded in 2013 near Yeritsvank village, in the NKR Kashatagh region, through the generous contribution of Mr. Antranig Berberian. After some initial setbacks due to frost and hail, the orchard is now in its fourth year of development. For better development of this orchard, the Foundation’s specialists found it necessary to install a trickle irrigation system in the orchard.


Arajamugh Orchard

Arajamugh Pomegranate orchard- August 2012.JPG Arajamugh pomegranate orchard- cleaning works July 2012 (3).JPG
Arajamugh orchard 1.jpg Arajamugh orchard.jpg


Yeritsvank Orchard

Yeritsvank 1.jpg Yeritsvank.jpg
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