Moshatagh Kindergarten


In 2013, the Foundation joined forces with OneArmenia to create a learning and activity space for the children of Moshatagh and neighboring villages of theKashataghregion.

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Through a crowdfunding campaign, OneArmenia raised $19,611, which we used to renovate the kindergarten building, which was in a very dilapidated state. Within the then created dedicated spaces for a playroom, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and first aid rooms.

The kindergarten now serves nearly 30 children in a village that is fast growing.  The children will be able to learn and spend their time socializing in a creative way, while the parents who are farmers will be able to attend to their work.

The benefits of the kindergarten extend to Moshatagh’s adults, too. The renovation process created short-term jobs for construction workers, as well as long-term employment for teachers and administrators. The running of the kindergarten is covered by the government of Artsakh.  

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