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Founded in 1995, the “Manana” Youth Center brings together people of different ages and interests who are deeply concerned with children’s issues. Most members have previously worked with or for children – whether professionally or not – trying instill creativity while relieving them from their everyday troubles and challenges.

Image from Manana Youth Center Website.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many children’s clubs, educational centers, and hobby groups were closed and thus children were deprived of opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. To address this need, “Manana” provided its educational services for free, ensuring broad access for a rising generation of youth representing the full spectrum of Armenian society.

“Manana” began its activities practically from nothing. It began in a one-room apartment where the first classes took place on the floor. At the time, there was no financial or in-kind support, and no expectations ever to acquire any. The deep awareness of this undertaking’s importance, and the sheer enthusiasm of the teachers, were the basis of everything. The Center’s most valuable resource today still lies in its talented, devoted members and supporters.

Early on, the Foundation saw the value of “Manana” and its work. For many years until 2009, it served as the Center’s primary sponsor. Later, other sponsors such as the Paros Foundation helped to expand and upgrade the Center’s facilities and programs.

The Center aims to provide comprehensive education for children from 6 to 18 years old, educating them in becoming responsible, independently thinking, socially active citizens. Offering a unique blend of social consciousness and cutting-edge technology, it has prepared a generation of young people to become leading journalists, photographers, designers, and filmmakers.

Currently, over 100 children attend the Center’s classes, workshops, and seminars. In addition, “Manana” members have won numerous awards and prizes at international film competitions around the world.

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“Meeting,” Official Selection for BBC Railway Photo Contest 2009 “Dignity,” Winner of 2009 Adobe Youth Voices International Photo Competition: “Crisis and Hope.”

Dinner Time.jpg

Chalk Painting.jpg

“Dinner Time,” nominated as Best Short Documentary for the IDFA 2006 Amsterdam, won accolades in many international film festivals around the world. “Chalk Painting,” First Prize in the Kids for Kids World Film Festival 2005 (Naples, Italy), One Minute Film Festival Amsterdam, Golden Statues in the Roshd International Film Festival.

Place Under the Sun.jpg


“Place Under the Sun,” winner of 2004 Photoshare Photo Contest: “Democracy & Governance.” “Sniper,” first prize in the Kids for Kids International Film Festival 2004 (Athens, Greece), Best Film Award in the Second International Children’s Film Festival, 2004 (Nis, Montenegro).
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