Greenhouse Cultivation in Yeritsvank


In our ongoing job-creation efforts, the Foundation initiated greenhouse cultivation in Kashatagh in 2013. Co-sponsored by the Armenian Community Council (ACC) of Great Britain, the project has been implemented in the Yeritsvank village until this year.

The Greenhouses in Yeritsvank

Thus far, we have built two greenhouses with a total area of 480m2. In 2014 we harvested 1,873 kg of tomatoes, and now are cultivating tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables.

In 2015 the Foundation entrusted the local work to a villager of Yeritsvank – Zarzand Mikayelian. We provided Zarzand with all the necessary supplies and technical assistance. However, last year’s harvest was subpar due to sharp changes in weather, which resulted in low market prices for vegetables and didn’t fully remunerate the incurred costs and brought small profit to Zarzand’s family.

The Foundation is actively seeking solutions that can raise profitability, starting this summer.

Inside one of the Greenhouses.

The tomato harvest.