Family and Community NGO in Metzamor


“Family and Community” NGO was established in Armavir region’s Metsamor city in 2013.  It is a joint program of the Tufenkian Foundation, Armenian Apostolic Church – Armavir Prelacy, WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, UMCOR and PH International.



According to the UNICEF report (2016) one third of Armenian children are poor and vulnerable. Families living in poverty fail to provide their children with sufficient care, parenting and education. “Family and Community” NGO aims to help children in difficult life situations, vulnerable families and those who are alienated from society, activate and unify the community thus making it the main source of help and support for its members. Beneficiaries are being involved either on their own or by referral from regional administration, police department, municipality, schools and/or other social institutions. Annually “Family and Community” NGO serves 110 families, 130 children, as well as 50 community members.


Mission and Vision

“Family and Community” wants children to be raised in caring families and societies living in harmony, where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. It values the family as the most important institution of the healthy and prosperous society.


  •       Social and psychological support, counseling for children and families
  •       Educational services for children and their parents
  •       Organizing children daycare
  •       Rehabilitation services for children who have violated the laws
  •       Cultural and community projects (Painting Club, Singing Club, Puppet Theatre, etc.)


Role in the Community

“Family and Community” NGO is active member both of the community and region, thus creating a broad partnership network. They are involved in the development of legislative reforms, new strategic projects and concepts. Moreover, they are a member of “Children Protection Network” and are active supporters of children’s rights.


For more information visit “Family and Community” NGO’s official website at


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