Consumer Rights Protection


Since 1999, the Foundation has helped implement a Consumer Rights Protection program, in conjunction with the Consumer Union of Armenia. The program has conducted campaigns and raised awareness about numerous critical issues affecting the public.

The project has evolved in several different directions:

  1. Working in the legislative arena and helping to develop appropriate laws on consumers’ rights, and when necessary, protecting the rights of consumers in court via legal assistance.
  2. Conducting regular and ongoing food safety tests. Monitoring includes planned testing on products drawing a high number of complaints from consumers, as well as random testing of goods from consumer baskets. Also, the Union tests food product labels for conformity to laws on food safety. Monitoring results are published in local newspapers.
  3. Appearing on TV and radio programs devoted to consumers’ rights; also organizing conferences, lectures and roundtables in various public arenas. There has been a special focus on education, e.g. organizing courses in secondary schools, colleges and at the American University of Armenia, in order to teach the youth about their rights, and what to do when these rights are abused.

After witnessing the growth and increased viability of this program, the Foundation concluded its support in 2009.

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