Berdzor Music School


Traditional Armenian folk art — especially music and dance – have nearly disappeared in Artsakh due to Azerbaijan’s decades-old suppression of cultural expression. In Artsakh today, society has little interest in folk music; for example, few give importance to the kanun or duduk, two instruments with rich histories in Armenian culture.

Today, the Berdzor Music School houses the only youth instrumental folk ensemble and folk dance group in all of Artsakh. After the regular school day, students attend this school to receive lessons in traditional instruments, to practice music and to socialize. (At present, it is the only organized after-school activity center in the entire Kashatagh region).


Berdzor music school_Lesson nof piano
Awards won by students Piano lesson
Concert hall in the school Duduk Lesson


The project
To promote folk music in Artsakh, the Foundation hashelped expand the programs of this school. We have also donated instruments: two violins, two kanons, two trumpets, two duduks, two shvis, a dhol and a piano. In the future, we hope to supportensemble performances in villages in Kashatagh and other areas of Artsakh.

The students of the Berdzor music school have received numerous awards and achievements attesting to the high quality of the education at this school.

The Berdzor music school works in close cooperation with the Naregatsi Art School in Shushi. Together these two schools are trying to revive Armenian folk music and dance in Artsakh.

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