Balanced and Objective Media Response to NKR Situation


The Four-Day War revealed a lack of balanced and objective information about Nagorno-Karabakh in European and US mass media. Because of this, we decided to facilitate the work of journalists who can provide media reports that are fair, balanced, and informative.

In May, we worked with “European Friends of Armenia” to send fifteen journalists to Artsakh from different countries including the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Russia.


Journalists conducting an interview with Saro Saryan, Director of the Shushi MuseumJournalists conducting an interview with Saro Saryan, Director of the Shushi Museum


The journalists stayed in Artsakh for three days. During this time, they visited the eastern front, areas that were demined by the HALO trust, the Stepanakert military hospital, and Shushi. They also took part in official meetings, particularly with the NKR Prime Minister; Head of National Assembly; Minister of Foreign Affairs and NKR Ombudsman. We prepared the list of articles that have since been published about Nagorno-Karabakh by this group.


Chris Bohjalian in NKRTF supporters with soldiers in Artsakh


Later, in August, acclaimed New York Times bestselling writer Chris Bohjalian visited Artsakh. You may find the visit’s details here. Chris has already published several articles, including one in the Burlington Free Press about Syrian-Armenian refugees who have settled in Artsakh and another one in New York Times titled “My Proud Pilgrimage to My Homeland”.

In September, a group of Austrian journalists visited Artsakh, in collaboration with the “European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy” and with TF’s support. They already have published an article in Wiener Zeitung and there is more to come.

We plan on inviting more journalists to visit the NKR in the future.