Zangakatun Beneficiary Families Receive New Apartments


Through the intervention of the Zangakatun Social Services NGO staff, we were able to secure new homes to four beneficiary families. These vulnerable families were in the Zangakatun program in Vanadzor, living in shacks with unsanitary conditions and no running water. The families are now able to live in modern apartments with necessary amenities. We thank VivaCell for their contribution to improve the lives of Armenian families.

The Zangakatun social workers provided the necessary information about these families to Vivacell in order to select the most needy families. The social workers also helped these families handle the registration, cadastre and other necessary paper work to receive the deeds to the apartments.

Beneficiaries received apartments  in this new building.JPG

Family happy receiving the news of donation.JPG

Beneficiaries received apartments  in this new building Family happy receiving the news of donation

Family lived in this shack for 20 years.JPG

Family lived in this shack for 20 years
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