Women’s Support Center Presentation at the AIWA Annual Meeting


Arajamugh pomegranate orchard-flowering  (1).JPGMaro Matosian, director of the Women’s support Center in Yerevan provided an overview of the center’s activities at the annual meeting of the Armenian International Women’s Association.  The audience was informed of the services rendered to victims of domestic violence by WSC as well as the activities at the shelter.

In addition it was highlighted some of the advocacy and prevention work the center undertook.  During the lunch Dr. Mary Papazian presented on the status of women especially in US and the need for continuous struggle for the rights of women. Maro Matosian also gave a brief presentation on the situation on women’s rights in Armenia, the difficulties resulting from gender stereotypes and patriarchal customs.

It was emphasized the need to change societal attitudes, to strive for gender equality and the need for women to organize to demand their rights, more protection and advancement of their status in society.

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