Welcoming a New Resetteler in Ishkhanadzor


On August 8, Tufenkian Foundation handed the keys of the newly renovated house in Ishkhanadzor village, Kashatagh region, NKR to the owner Artin Adjemian, a Syrian Armenian, who resettled in Artsakh over a year ago. Last year, he married a local girl and started a family. Their first born was able to take his first steps in their newly renovated home. Dr. Onnik Avakian was present alongside TF’s team to the housewarming and handed the keys to Artin. Dr. Onnik from London,representing Aid Kashatagh, a subcommittee of the London Armenian Community Council whose finacial support was crucial in renovating this house, specially allocated to a Syrian Armenian Family. Throughout the past year and a half, Artin bought and harvested his farm. Finally Artin and his family can call Artsakh their home. TF’s team hopes Artin’s story will motivate and inspire other families to resettle in Artsakh.


before renovation.jpg

The house before the renovation


Artin Adjemian together with Dr Onnik Avakian heading toward the house


TF’s team together with Artin in front of his house


Artin Adjemian together with Dr Onnik Avakian are opening the door


Artin – the happy house owner

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