Urgent Appeal For Artsakh


Dear Friends,

As you’re well aware, our compatriots in Artsakh suffered through a tense and violent period two weeks ago, as Azerbaijan launched unprovoked assaults along the NKR’s eastern front. While order is now being restored, this disruption has created many needs which Armenians worldwide are now addressing.

We appreciate the efforts undertaken by Armenians from every corner: Whether writing checks, offering professional assistance, or volunteering themselves, our people once again have shown admirable solidarity in times of trial.


In recent days, we’ve thought hard about how we might assist this effort in a meaningful way; directing our assistance toward pressing, unmet needs and in ways that utilize our skills, capabilities, and presence on the ground.


With these goals in mind, we are launching an appeal for funds for the next 15 days, addressing three primary areas:

1. Emergency medical supplies: We’ve identified medicines and wound care products (such as Celox) in short supply that are badly needed by our armed forces, should they face a similar situation again.

2. Housing construction/repair: Offering assistance in repairing and refurbishing houses in the affected areas.

3. Media response: Facilitating the work of journalists (known quantities, effective actors) who can provide media reports that are fair, balanced, and impactful.


The Tufenkian Foundation has already committed $10,000 toward this effort. With your help, we hope to raise at least $30,000 more. These funds will give us a running start, as we seek to play our part in addressing these urgent needs.


You can make your donation online or by mailing a check payable to


The Tufenkian Foundation
20 Capitol Drive
Moonachie, NJ 07074

We look forward to your support and hope to hear from you soon!

In solidarity,

James Tufenkian

and the entire Tufenkian Foundation team

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