Tufenkian Foundation Joins AUA’s New Mining Legislation Reform Initiative: G. Nazarian Hired To Lead The Program


We are pleased to announce the new Mining Legislation Reform Initiative (MLRI), a project of the American University of Armenia’s Center for Responsible Mining. MLRI is made possible through founding support from the Tufenkian Foundation.


G. Nazarian.jpg

MLRI’s first act has been to hire Mr. Garen Nazarian to oversee the effort. As manager of MLRI, Mr. Nazarian will lead a multi-year effort in ensuring that mining in Armenia provides sufficient benefit to the country and local communities by drafting and passing legislation that will elevate the socio-economic benefits of mining, while reducing the negative environmental and health impacts.

Mr. Nazarian is a lawyer from the United States. Before moving to Armenia in 2012, he worked as a trial lawyer for the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office. Mr. Nazarian recently concluded a two-year fellowship with Armenia’s Ministry of Justice, sponsored by Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, aimed at legislative reforms in the justice sector.

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