Toy- Drive initiatives for Zangakatun Children


On a cold December day, Vahan Alaverdyan initiated a special activity on behalf of children in Yerevan.  Vahan, who holds a master’s degree in ESL from Yerevan State University, is a program assistant at Birthright Armenia and has been involved in implementing various community projects with his friends since 2006.  This year, Vahan – with the help of Elina Sarkisian, a Birthright Armenia alumna and current Foundation employee – donated to the Zangakatun NGO more than 150 children’s educational and story-telling books, along with soft toys for 225 children attending the NGO’s centers.

Moreover, on December 26th and 27th the Coca Cola Corporation initiated a charity drive in Yerevan and invited families with their children to meet the Santa Claus at his booth and donate toys, stationeries and books to children who are in need. With the help of Zangakatun NGO the collected donations were later distributed to  the NGO’s beneficiary families.

On a similar note, The “Kanachastan” NGO once again organized its annual Armenian Winter Festival from December 25th-January 6th and asked guests attending the festival to bring toys, school stationery items and books, which were later donated to the Zangakatun NGO children.

We thank the volunteers and encourage other companies to partake in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and improve the lives of others.

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