The Power of Belief


This is the story of a strong, young boy from Shushi. He was among the first children who were welcomed to the newly opened “Shogh” daycare center. He had a tough childhood, being neglected by everyone and faced educational difficulties which gave him a low self esteem. At the end of the school year his class was preparing for the celebration of Alphabet, but the teachers refused to let him participate in the event. They were not willing to give him even a short rhyme believing that he would not be capable of doing it. The “Shogh” staff insisted on engaging the boy, promising to help him prepare for the event. The day came and the center’s staff and children went to school to support the boy. His first performance was a success and by the end of the school year he had improved immensely.

S. and his friends from the center.jpg


The Shushi “Shogh” daycare center is a joint program of the Tufenkian Foundation and the Armenian Missionary Association of Amrerca (AMAA)

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