TF Builds a House for Syrian-Armenian Doctor in Kashatagh


When the war broke in Syria, the Tufenkian Foundation initiated a program to support Syrian-Armenians willing to relocate to the Kashatagh region, Artsakh. TF’s primary support is to provide housing to Syrian-Armenians. We are happy to inform that TF has undertaken renovation works of a house for Syrian-Armenian doctor Haig Khatchadourian. He moved to the village of Ishkanadzor in Southern Kashatagh with his 3 teenage daughters in 2015 after he was captured by ISIS and forced to renounce his Christianity. The ISIS tribunal released him without any explanation, after which Haig understood that no life is worth living if in constant fear and threat. In 2005, Haig and his family joined 200 other Syrian and Lebanese Armenian refugees of Southern Kashatagh. As Haig earlier mentioned in his interview with writer Chris Bohjalian, he has found happiness in Ishkhanadzor when he never had in Syria. Haig is neuropathologist who now works as a general practitioner in the village’s seven-room clinic. We believe this will be a cornerstone for Khatchadourian family’s integration in Artsakh.

Syrian Armenian Doctor in Kashatagh

Haig in his clinic, below is the ruins of his future house.