School Renovation in Aghavnatun Village


Aghavnatun is a remote community located in Artsakh’s liberated territories, within the Kashatagh region. It is around 35 km away from Berdzor and 7 km from the main road connecting Berdzor to Ishkhanadzor. Aghavnatun consists of 5 villages 3 of which are populated:  Aghavnatun, Harar, and Khatchketik.


Last year, the Tufenkian Foundation initiated a community development project in Aghavnatun. The project featured the building of a clinic, as well as other village improvements, done in conjunction with our partners OneArmenia and the Armenian Center Trust (UK)


As a continuation of this project, we’ve undertaken the renovation of the village school. The renovation works have already completed and covered all classrooms, some common areas, as well as the school’s roof.


Aghavnatun school 3.JPG

Aghavnatun school 2.JPG Aghavnatun school 1.JPG
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