Pure Drinking Water to the Karotan, Vardabats and Urekan Villages of Southern Kashatagh


We are happy to announce the completion of a project to bring pure drinking water to the Karotan, Vardabats and Urekan villages of Southern Kashatagh.

At the NKR government’s request, the Foundation solved the drinking water problem in these villages, mainly by identifying and cleaning old artesian wells, verifying the purity of their drinking water, and creating a system of pipes and basins connecting the wells to villagers’ homes.

These villages are home to hundreds of resettlers who live in a strategic location near the Arax River. The water issue was considered urgent, as the lack of available clean water caused villagers to use polluted water which became the reason for serious intestinal infection in 2011.

The realization of the project became possible due to our collaboration with OneArmenia as well as the UK-based St. Sarkis Charity.


The project included construction and reconstruction of 22 water wells, installation of pipelines to each household of Karotan and Vardabats. As for Urekan village Tufenkain Foundation constructed water collectors, a water basin and a piping system to bring water to the households.

In total, upon implementation 295 villagers (79 families) plus the Karotan school and Vardabats town hall have begun receiving pure drinking water.



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