One Armenia Kicks Off New Campaign “Building Health + Hope in Aghavnatun”



What if you were a nurse with 150 patients, but no place to treat them?

OneArmenia asked this question last winter, after visiting Aghavnatun – a small community found near the Western edge of Nagorno-Karabagh. For the residents of this isolated village, lack of health care is a reality. And, like many of Karabakh’s remote rural areas, there are many obstacles to its development: Poor or lacking infrastructure is one. Lack of available jobs is another. And, of course, there is the health care situation.

Watch Build Health and Hope in Aghavnatun from One Armenia on Vimeo.


The situation in Aghavnatun is dire. While it houses 150 villagers, the nearest accessible clinic is a 2-hour drive away, in the town of Berdzor, requiring travell via roads in extremely poor condition. The village’s other lifeline is Lilik Shahoyan, an elderly nurse who moved to the community from Yerevan over 20 years ago. Today, Lilik treats patients out of her home. Her equipment, when she has it, is more often than not in appalling condition, and she doesn’t always have the training she needs to execute certain procedures.

ONEArmenia is committed to providing relief to the dedicated and hardworking villagers of this beautiful land. To do that, we need your help. Once again ONEArmenia has paired with Tufenkian Foundation, this time to build a desperately-needed clinic in Aghavnatun. Help us provide this Armenian community with the tools to ensure good health, and by doing so, inspire them with hope for the future of this region.


As always, transparency is our mantra. We encourage you to check out the supplementary materials on the project page. For a full budget report of our projected expenses, please click here. For more information on the region, the project itself, and its implementation timeline, please click here. To support the campaign click here.

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