Newly Resettled Family in Herik Village


Herik Village's house.jpg

We are happy to announce a newly resettled family in the Herik village of Artsakh! The Khosrovyans (pictured here) are a family of six – two parents, four children – who hail originally from Armenia’s Martuni region.

The family previously lived in Shushi, but recently decided to move to Herik in order to ranch. The head of the family works as a cattleman.

Herik is situated in northern Kashatagh, a region replete with historic monasteries, cemeteries, and village sites attesting to its Armenian heritage. Herik itself is situated in highlands that were inhabited by Armenians for centuries. The village has been resettled only in the past few years, and now steadily draws in new settlers following the NKR government’s installation of electricity. The village’s primary source of livelihood is animal husbandry.

Soon after arriving in August, the Khosrovyans moved into a fully renovated, three-room house (pictured here). Renovation works were completed by TF, following a generous grant from Mr. Jean-Marie Atamian of New York.

We look forward to welcoming additional resettlers to Herik very soon.

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