MLRI Keeps Focus on the Public Awareness of Environmental Issues


Mining Legislation Reform Initiative, a project of AUA Center for Responsible Mining is actively engaged in promoting international best practices and standards in the Armenian mining legal and regulatory framework. In the scope of its close partnership and collaboration with the key stakeholders in this sector, MLRI works towards identifying key challenges in public access to justice.

Gold Mine in Sotk

Gold Mine in Sotk

A recent analysis by attorney Hayk Alumyan identifies major gaps in the Armenian judicial practice related to citizens and NGOs’ access to justice on environmental issues, courts’ discretionary approach and interpretation of environmental legislation as well as precedential court decisions. The analysis includes detailed review of cases from all 3 domestic judicial instances (first instance court, court of appeal and cassation court) as well as European Court of Human Rights cases against Armenia. MLRI will publish the analysis in November 2016.

The Mining Legislation Reform Initiative (MLRI) is a project of the American University of Armenia’s Center for Responsible Mining (AUA CRM), and receives primary support from the Tufenkian Foundation.