MLRI Holds a Round-table Discussion on Mining Legislation Gaps


The AUA Center for Responsible Mining and the Government of Armenia organized a round-table discussion on the gaps in Armenia’s mining legislation.

The key presenter at the round-table was Jonathan Fulcher, an international mining law expert from the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) of the University of Queensland who presented the main findings of six working papers developed by SMI for MLRI. Mr. Fulcher noted that a number of things stuck out from the analysis of the current situation. Although the framework of laws with regard to the mining sector was reasonable, detailed policies and procedures for companies on how to engage are required. According to Mr. Fulcher, an important thing to understand is that environmental licenses should not be licenses to pollute. He also highlighted the idea of corporate accountability citing Australian legislation, which, for instance, fines the members of the corporate group if a polluting member of the group becomes insolvent.


Jonathan Fulcher

Jonathan Fulcher presenting his findings about mining issues in Armenia.


The Mining Legislation Reform Initiative (MLRI) is a project of the Tufenkian Foundation implemented by the American University of Armenia’s Center for Responsible Mining (AUA CRM).