Mining Tax Expert Matthew Genasci On Working Visit to Armenia


International mining tax expert Matthew Genasci visited Armenia this fall to discuss the draft version of his report, “Analysis of Armenia’s Mining Fiscal Regime” with key stakeholders in the mining sector. Mr. Genasci was retained by the American University of Armenia’s Center for Responsible Mining (CRM) to conduct an analysis of Armenia’s mining fiscal regime, using modeling and benchmarking tools, including comparisons with other countries. His main goal is to provide a reliable long-term view of the quality of the country’s mining royalty and tax system.

During his three-day stay, Genasci met with government representatives to discuss his findings and highlight potential reforms to strengthen Armenia’s mining fiscal regime, making it a more reliable and substantial contributor to the state budget. He also met with representatives from international organizations. The goal of these meetings was to gather data and information regarding the mining industry and to clarify uncertainties regarding Armenia’s mining tax laws. Finally, he conducted a workshop for members of civil society, assisting them in understanding the strengths and weaknesses in Armenia’s current mining fiscal regime, as well as potential reforms that would make mining more beneficial to the country.

MLRI workshop.jpg


Photo (from left to right): Erik Grigoyan, Association of Young Economists and Environmental Lawyers, Alen Amirkhanian, AUA Center for Responsible Mining, Matthew Genasci, Mining Policy Group

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