Manana publishes new issue of Khabarbzik


Manana Youth Center is putting out its latest issue of Khabarbzik, an appendix of Children Planet. Khabarbzik is published bimonthly  and is made for youth by youth (7-17 years old). Started in 1996 when there was no light in Yerevan, Khabarbzik  was a much needed means of creative expression for the children of the newly begun Manana Center, who produced the entire magazine by hand. Since then it has won many awards internationally and lead its young producers down career paths in journalism, publishing, writing, drawing and editing. The new issue discusses educational reforms in Armenia, online social networks, and the influence of television and modern music, among other topics.

With the publication of every issue the Manana Center donates 300 copies to the children of Zangakatun to inspire them to produce their own essays, articles, fiction and drawing.


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