International Children’s Day Celebrations in Vanadzor and Medzamor


International Children’s day is celebrated annually on June 1st. To mark the occasion this year, Vanadzor’s “Shogh” day-care center and Medzamor’s “Family and Community” NGO – both dedicated to the well-being of children – have taken part in these celebrations.

Both centers are co-funded by the Tufenkian Foundation, and display strong collaborative work with various state agencies which promote children’s well-being.



Family and Community’s “Palancho” children’s puppet troupe staged a performance for the Special Educational Complex №1, which guides children with behavioural problems in Yerevan. The program was held at the special invitation of Police Colonel Nelly Duryan, head of the Department for juvenile rights and combating domestic violence. Mrs. Duryan has assisted the center many times with cases of child neglect or delinquency.

The puppet show, entirely run by children from the Medzamor center, was highly entertaining and educational for the school children.  Such exchange programs are very beneficial for these children, instilling in them confidence, creativity, and self-esteem.   The performers were also invited to participate at the International Festival of Puppet Theatres, which is a great honor for the Center and its participants.


Col. Nelly Duryan and other guests enjoying the performance


The “Palancho” puppet troupe of Medzamor’s “Family and Community” NGO


“Palancho” puppet troupe participating in the International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Yerevan



The “Shogh” children’s day-center celebrated the day by expressing gratitude to those who have contributed to the well-being of children and to our center.  During the visits the children were explained the importance of education and good citizenry.

“Shogh” is sponsored jointly by the Tufenkian Foundation and the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA).


“Shogh” day-care center’s beneficiaries at the office of Vanadzor community leader S. Darbinyan 


 “Shogh” beneficiaries meeting with Vanadzor’s Custody and Guardianship Committee President G. Badyan and specialist L. Gevorgyan


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